Telesales Training

telesales trainingTelesales Training

This telesales training course is designed to give both new and experienced telesales professionals the confidence to approach, present to and close potential customers. We use a combination of learning methods but place emphasis on role-play reinforcement of real life situations based on products and services relevant to the delegate's organisation.

By the end of our course delegates will: understand why customers buy, how to open the call, questioning techniques and need finding,  handling objections, closing the sales, appointment making.

The course tutor will help delegates attending our course understand their own strengths and weaknesses. As a result of attending this course delegates will be capable of maximising their productivity. In fact, after people have attended our telesales training, they automatically use the skills we teach them as they work so well.

All our trainers are professionally qualified with years of experience delivering tailored training for some of Irelands most respected organisations  such as SME’S, large multinationals, Government Departments, Charities, County Councils and so on.  Protrain's telesales courses are tailored to reflect the real world your staff work in so your input is critical to make certain we customise the course to your needs and make this course a true success.

Course Content Telesales Training

Why customers buy

  • Customer transition and the psychology of buying
  • How to match sales with customer needs and wants
  • Creating powerful ‘attention-getters’ designed specifically to improve the positioning of your products and organisation with the customer.

Opening the call

  • How to create impact and capture the customer’s interest in the first few vital seconds of the call.
  • Developing high impact statements and questions that keep you in control and make the customer want to listen to you.

Questioning techniques and need finding

  • Using open and closed questions to uncover real customer needs.
  • Using questions to discover problems and create value in solutions provided by your product.
  • Active listening techniques; hearing the whole picture.
  • Paraphrasing and summarising needs as a transition to selling the benefits of your product.

Benefit selling

  • Adding value to your product; how to present both known and unknown benefits.

Closing skills

  • Closing with confidence and recognising when to close the client.

Handling objections

  • Understanding the types of objection
  • Dealing with objections effectively
  • Overcoming the gate-keeper
  • Keeping control during a call.

Appointment making

  • How to capture the clients attention, build rapport and make quality appointments.

Course Duration

1 day per training group onsite.

Course Numbers

This  course can be delivered for individuals or for groups onsite nationwide.