Negotiation Skills

negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Who Is This Course For?

This Course is for staff who wish to develop and improve their negotiation skills through practical and relevant modern techniques.

The course tutor will help delegates attending our course understand their own negotiating strengths and weaknesses.

All our trainers are professionally qualified with years of experience delivering tailored training for some of Irelands most respected organisations  such as SME’S, large multinationals, Government Departments, Charities, County Councils and so on.  Protrain courses are tailored to reflect the real world your staff work in so your input is critical to make certain we customise the course to your needs and make this course a true success.

Course Objectives

At the end of this  course delegates will:

  • Appreciate the value of negotiation skills in interactive relationships with internal individuals as well as external procurement levels.
  • Know how to use the basic six negotiation skills.
  • Understand how to apply the six phases of negotiation.
  • Be able to manage their own and other’s stress needs in negotiation situations.
  • Be capable of establishing key performance indicators for customers, suppliers as well as key internal staff, and continuously monitor and evaluate their on-going performance.

Course Content

  • Concept of internal “customer” and associated skills needed
  • Logistics partnership agreements with supplier, customers, and third parties
  • Six skills of negotiation
  • Six phases of negotiation
  • Hard, soft & principled negotiation
  • Listening, questioning & challenging skills
  • Transactional analysis
  • Conflict, resolution & de-confliction
  • Group/team working
  • Role of “managers” in teams, and managing “empowered” employees
  • Management and individual stress controls
  • Motivating and evaluating individual and company performance
  • Drafting agreements
  • Supplier evaluation techniques
  • Benchmarking and key performance indicators

Course Duration
2 days per training group onsite

This popular course can be delivered for individuals or for groups onsite nationwide.

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