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Digital Marketing

This Digital Marketing Course is for business professionals, business owners and business unit managers who wish to leverage their visibility in the digital world. This Digital Marketing Course can deliver amazing results, if conducted in a structured way. Too many organisations are merely getting caught up in the “online buzz”. This digital marketing course will provide techniques and strategies to allow you to plan, create and measure online marketing campaigns that deliver results. More Details

Dignity at Work

dignity at work policy, with clear procedures, is a vital management tool for any progressive organization.  Bullying and harassment are destructive to the recipient, the perpetrator and the organization.  They can be challenging for management to deal with.

Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy.  A productive workplace is free from the destructive force of harassment and bullying.  Such an environment enables employees to display the full range of their skills and abilities.

This dignity at work course will help delegates to understand the legal framework, examine options and develop the skills and to tackle inappropriate behavior. More Details

Financial Awareness

This Financial Awareness Course will give participants some of the practical tools used by modern organizations to understand their true financial position.

The course tutor will help delegates attending our course understand their own financial awareness strengths and weaknesses in this important area. As a result of attending this financial awareness course delegates will be capable of maximizing their own financial skills. More Details

Interviewing Skills

This Interviewing Skills Course is for Managers, Human Resource Executives or anyone involved in the recruitment process who wants to develop their current interviewing skills . By the end of our course delegates will: Understand the recruitment process, about job descriptions & job specifications, the selection process, behavioural interviewing, the STAR method of interviewing and also the funnel technique for interviewing. More Details

Management Skills

This management skills course is for anyone new to a management role or anyone needing to develop their current management skills. This course, whilst practical and enjoyable, is designed to give participants the skills and confidence to manage staff professionally. By the end of our course delegates will: understand the role and skills of the manager, leadership, motivation and goals, teams and delegation, time management, development of staff and coaching skills and cultural diversity, grievances, discipline and influencing. More Details

Managing Meetings

This Managing Meetings Course is for staff who are regularly involved in meetings who wish to improve their professional meeting skills. The correct format for attending and running meetings is not rocket science. In fact, once people learn the correct techniques to manage a meeting, they will automatically use them again and again as they work so well. Our Managing Meetings course focuses on Preparing for a meeting, Setting agendas and pre-selecting suitable meeting attendees, Structuring and running a meeting, Define effective meeting behaviours, Communicating effectively at a meeting, Understanding the importance of non-verbal communication, Evaluating the meeting process and peoples contribution, Giving clear feedback to fellow workers. More Details

Minute Taking

This Minute Taking Course is for anyone new to minute taking or anyone wanting to develop their current minute taking skills. By the end of our course delegates will: understand the role and responsibilities of a minute-taker, be able to take effective and relevant meeting notes, Know how to write clear, accurate and concise minutes. More Details

Performance Management

Project Planning

This project planning course is designed for managers new to or who may need to update their project planning skills. Successful organisations throughout the world recognise and acknowledge the crucial importance of project planning in achieving and maintaining their success.  This course is designed to be intensely practical and focuses on achieving project objectives within the constraints of time and cost by thinking things through. More Details


Supervisory Management

This Supervisory Management Course is for anyone new to a supervisory role or anyone wanting to develop their current supervisory management skills. By the end of our supervisory management course delegates will: understand the role and skills of the supervisor, leadership, motivation and goals, teams and delegation, time management, development of staff and coaching skills and cultural diversity, grievances, discipline and influencing. More Details

Team Working

This popular team working course is for Senior Managers, Supervisory staff, and key employees, who need to maximise the efficiency of their teams, In fact, once people have attended our team working course they will have developed some very useful and practical skills that they will automatically use again and again as they work so well. More Details

Time Management

Our one-day time management course is for staff who need to improve their time management and increase their own efficiency. This practical course will give delegates the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective time management at all levels of an organisation. More Details

Protrain is a leading provider of short onsite tailored management training courses in Ireland. This year we will deliver training to thousands of professionals across many business sectors. Our highly qualified trainers have been delivering quality group training for over 20 years. Protrain delivers in company / company specific training programmes for small, medium and large commercial organisations. We also deliver in company / company specific training workshops and advice for Local Government, Government Departments and State agencies. All our training courses can also be delivered for individuals  onsite nationwide.

Here at Protrain we deliver practical and affordable business in company / company specific training courses in areas such as customer service, telephone skills, supervisory management, managing meetings, presentation skills, time management, financial awareness, dealing with aggressive customers, team working, project management, sales training,  interviewing skills,  business and report writing and also train the trainer.

We believe that our group training courses represent an excellent investment in your people and your business. All our programmes are tailored to reflect the real world your staff work in so your input is critical to make certain we customise the course to your needs and make your vision a true success. We will always work with your best interest at the core of all the work we deliver. We want our relationships to be long and beneficial to all. We never forget we are working for you!!

All our trainers are professionally qualified with over 120 years of combined experience delivering tailored company specific training for Protrain. Our trainers are rightly regarded as business training experts. Protrain only delivers tailored trainingcourses for our clients, nothing is off the shelf.

If you are interested in finding out more about the approach we take to in company / specific / tailored training or would like private information on any Protrain course, we would be delighted to speak with you. Call Dave Finnigan on freephone 1800 989 543 or fill in our “Contact us “page and we will be straight back to you.