Dignity At Work

Dignity at work

Dignity At Work

Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity at work,  with respect and with courtesy.  A productive workplace is free from the destructive force of harassment and bullying. Such an environment enables employees to display the full range of their skills and abilities.

Our dignity at work course helps delegates understand the legal framework, examine options and develop the skills to tackle inappropriate behaviour. Bullying and harassment are destructive to the recipient, the perpetrator and the organization.  They can be challenging for management to deal with. Having a Dignity at work policy, with clear procedures, is a vital management tool for any progressive organization.  But there are other tools and skills that will make a positive difference for everybody. These are skills we have developed and refined over many years’ practical experience. On this half-day session, we share these skills with participants.

This course is in compliance with the recommendations of a Government Task Force Report on Bullying in the Workplace and the three Codes of Practice issued under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989, the Industrial Relations Act 1990 and the Equality Act 2004 respectively: · The Health & Safety Authority’s Code of Practice on the Prevention of Workplace Bullying · The Labour Relations Commission’s (LRC) Code of Practice Detailing Procedures for Addressing Bullying in the Workplace · The Equality Authority’s Code of Practice on Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work.

This dignity at work course is designed to accommodate 12 participants. We have listened to clients and participants and have shortened our session to a very intensive 3 hours. Typically, we deliver two sessions per day for clients. If dignity at work is of interest to you, we would be delighted to discuss your needs further.

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 Course Content

The role of policy in developing and maintaining a motivated workforce

Creating a positive work culture

Understanding bullying and harassment

The legal framework

Dignity at work – A Discussion

Identifying the Different Types of Behaviour / Reading the situation

Aggressive behaviour / Guidelines for Dealing with Aggressive people

Manipulative behaviour

Passive behaviour

Assertive behaviour


Unreasonable Persistent Conduct

Not letting it escalate

Communication Skills

How our body language and voice determines the way we are perceived by others

Fire Words

Rights and responsibilities of employers and employees “the real-world consequences”

Recognizing bullying and harassment

Preventing inappropriate behaviour

Tackling inappropriate behaviour

Key skills

Legitimate performance management is not bullying

Dealing with a complaint – formal and informal

Half a Day Per Group

Designated Contact Person Training Outline

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