Designated Contact Person

Designated Contact Person Training

Designated Contact Person Training

Designated Contact Person Training

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role of the Designated Contact Person
  • Have a better understanding of the policy
  • Be more confident in the CP Role
  • Be prepared for potential difficult behaviours
  • Address concerns you may have about the role
  • Learn better communication skills
  • Practice!

Course Content

  • Understand the Role of the Contact Person
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the different policy stages
  • Understand the different roles in the procedures
  • Refresh on what Bullying & Harassment is and isn’t
  • Learn how to give impartial advice to complainants and respondents
  • Learn how communication fundamentals like

Listening & Questioning will help you

  • Learn how to deal with difficult behaviours
  • Learn what to report to HR
  • Practice what you have learned

Course Methodology

This Designated Contact Person Training will be highly practical and will involve active role playing, questioning and group learning techniques.

Course preparation

We have a wealth of experience in this area having delivered these courses many times over the years. It would be helpful if a senior staff member could speak with our trainer to tailor the content to reflect the real-world needs of the participants.


One day

Course Numbers

Up to 12 participants

Quality Assurance

All our trainers are required to be recertified by us on this course yearly. All participants will be asked to complete an evaluation sheet after the course, and we will discuss this feedback with you after each programme.


All participants will be encouraged to contact Protrain if they have any questions or queries after the initial training. We will always be available to assist staff with their needs relating to the course.

Evaluation of learning.

Participants will be encouraged to fill in course evaluation sheets and to give feedback to their line supervisor / manager after the training to make certain all the course objectives were met. Scenarios explored early in the day will be revisited late in the day to make certain knowledge has been absorbed and can be utilised.


Protrain is fully insured to deliver training services.

Professional Indemnity Insurance €6,500,000.00

Public liability insurance €6,500,000.00

Employers Liability Insurance €13,000,000.00


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