Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course

This Digital Marketing Course is for business professionals, business owners and business unit managers who wish to leverage their visibility in the digital world. This Digital Marketing Course can deliver amazing results, if conducted in a structured way. Too many organisations are merely getting caught up in the “online buzz”. This digital marketing course will provide techniques and strategies to allow you to plan, create and measure online marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Digital Marketing Course Objectives

  • Learn how some of the largest organisations in the world are benefiting from digital marketing
  • Learn the importance of engaging in digital marketing
  • Cut through the hype and learn what digital marketing can and cannot deliver
  • Discuss how your business can benefit from digital marketing
  • Learn about the online marketing tools that can benefit your business
  • Learn how to plan digital marketing campaigns
  • Learn how to create engaging marketing campaigns
  • Discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls of going live with a digital marketing campaign
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are vital in ensuring your digital marketing efforts are delivering measurable results.

Digital Marketing Course content

  • Using digital platforms for marketing your business/brand - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, You Tube, WordPress, etc.
  • Digital marketing case studies
  • The trends of the digital revolution
  • Planning your online campaign
  • Creating your message
  • Finding and targeting your online audience
  • Actualisation – Going live with your campaign
  • Measuring results against KPI’s.

Course duration

One Day

This course can be delivered for individuals or for groups onsite nationwide.