Change Management Course

Change Management training

Change Management Course

Change Manager™ is a highly practical 2 Day Change Management Course, whose primary purpose is to enable each participant and the Change Team to understand and utilise the skills necessary to maximise the probability of successful Change Initiatives. It will introduce tools and methodologies to analyse, identify and prioritise the optimum activities and resources to successfully fulfill the defined Change Goals.

Change Manager™
The effective Understanding and Management of Change is absolutely critical to creating highly successful – and the correctly targeted - outcomes. Unfortunately, because we tend to underestimate the time and thinking required to do this, coupled with only a scant appreciation of the tools and processes which will add tremendous value to our efforts, many initiatives fail or result in negative and unforeseen consequences – or simply do not address the fundamental issues which need “correction”.

The approach is a combination of self-assessment, traditional and new cutting-edge tools, which can radically improve your ability to identify, lead and successfully implement ideas for improving the business. This Change Management Course is usually delivered in an intensive Workshop Style programme and can best cater for up to 8 participants.

“Initiating and Managing any Change in any Business is fraught with
Great Dangers & Pitfalls”

Change Management Workshop Overview

 Understanding the fragility of the Change Process: A Comprehensive Checklist
 Identifying the optimum Change Goals for your initiative
 Starting in The Future: creating a Vision Board
 Critical Foundations for Successful outcomes: The Change Equation
 Identifying Resources & Barriers – including the Invisible
 Profiling the critical Stakeholders: Influencers & Decision Makers
 8 Personality Traits of all Change Participants that shape the Outcome
 Assessing the Climate for Change
 Dealing with Resistance to Change
 Tools to manage delays and roadblocks
 Useful Business Models for Change Assessment & Implementation
 Strategic Change Management Tools

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