Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness SkillsAssertiveness Skills

Participants attending our Assertiveness Skills Course are given skills to boost their self-esteem and to allow them be able to communicate with people in a more confident mannerBy the end of our popular and practical course delegates will have the confidence and ability to communicate with others no matter what the situation or message to be given.

Participants attending this highly practical course will be enjoy developing skills to increase their own confidence and communication skills. Our course tutor will help delegates understand their own assertiveness strengths and weaknesses. In fact, once people understand and develop their assertiveness skills, they will automatically use them again and again as they work so well.

With years of experience delivering tailored training for some of Ireland’s most respected organisations  such as SME’S, large multinationals, Government Departments, Charities, County Councils we are uniquely qualified to work with your staff. We will bring a practical tool kit of skills that guarantee a successful project.

Protrain courses are tailored to reflect the real world your staff work in so your input is critical to make certain we get things right, first time. Therefore, we always seek a detailed conversation with a stakeholder to customise the course to your needs and make this assertiveness skills course a true success.

Assertiveness Skills Course Content

    • Identifying the Four Different Types of Behaviour
    • Aggressive behaviour
    • Manipulative behaviour
    • Passive behaviour
    • Assertive behaviour
    • Developing your Assertiveness Skills
    • Getting your message across in a positive way
    • Active listening skills
    • How to react when someone responds with aggression
    • How to react when someone tries to ignore our message
    • Finding a win/win solution
    • Understanding the Communication Process
    • Developing our Communication Skills
    • Body language
    • Voice dynamics
    • Choice of words
    • Receiving Constructive Feedback Professionally
    • Maintaining a Positive Attitude


Course Duration

1 day per training group onsite

Course Numbers

Our Assertiveness skills course can be delivered for private individuals or groups onsite.

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